October 27, 2021

Comfort & Peace...

“Don’t touch” the signs say at the fancy antique store. We are brought up to look with our eyes and not our hands. We often remind our young daughter that some items in stores are a no-touch item. 

But some things are harmless to feel and how can someone resist touching the plush fuzzy blankets on the store shelves that scream “cozy”?!  My daughter just has to touch them anyway. If not the whole blanket, maybe just the edge. 

I can relate. I had a waffle weave blanket with satin trim on my bed growing up. It evoked comfort and peace. Now, as a grown adult, that blanket with the worn satin edge takes me back in time to my formative years. I remember growing up in a Christian home as I learned things like respect for others, love for God and family, and serving Jesus Christ. 


I still have that blanket, and, in a way, it is part of who I am, and it grounds me in the home I grew up in and the values my parents instilled.


Unlike my blanket with its soft satin edge, the Jewish men had a fringe on the borders of their garments that God had commanded them to put. The tzitzit (tassels of blue and white cord with knots tied into it) on the edge of their garments represented God’s laws. At times, this fringe was called “wings”. Once in Malachi 4:2, God spoke through the prophet to say that a hope-filled day would arrive when the “Sun of Righteousness” would show up with “healing in his wings”. 


In Mark’s Gospel, Mark shares the story of synagogue leader named Jairus falling at the feet of Jesus. Jairus’ daughter is dying and he’s pleading with Jesus to heal her. Meanwhile in the crowd there’s a woman who has suffered with bleeding for twelve years, making her ritually unclean and thus an outcast. She knows of the healing power of Jesus, but she can’t get to him. So, she decides that if she just touches the edge of his robe, she’ll be healed and have comfort and peace from her ailment at once. Perhaps she was familiar with the prophet’s words and recognized that Jesus was the Sun of Righteousness who had risen among them. If he truly was the hope of the prophets, then healing would flow from his wings—the flowing edges of his garments where the tzitzit were attached. (Mark 5:21-43)


My blanket from childhood doesn’t have the same healing power as Jesus does. But when I’m curled up on the couch and feel the edge of that blanket, it takes me back to a place from long ago and I’m reminded of the values established by my parents that Jesus is Healer, Comforter, and Prince of Peace in all things. It serves as a reminder to me that He is all we need. 


Turn to God today. He is the one who sustains you and gives you life each day. We may not wear tassels on our clothes as a reminder of God’s faithfulness, but we can read his Word daily and spend time in prayer with him. 




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