May 5, 2021

Seek & Find... 

There’s this phenomenon in our brains that makes connections with something we’ve thought about and suddenly we notice them everywhere. It’s called the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon using our Reticular Activating System. Here’s an example: Growing up my grandfather would quack like Donald Duck, much to the delight of us grandchildren. The other day, I was washing some dishes from breakfast and I paused when I saw the Donald Duck spoon that we’ve had for over a year.  Another example of this is when we think about buying a different car and then suddenly, we spot that particular make and model on the road. The number of that car hasn’t changed on the road, but a neural connection has been made and we notice it more. It’s almost as if our brains are seeking it out.

Think about what would happen to us if we sought after Jesus the same way! Scripture is filled with verses telling us to seek Jesus with our whole heart.  Have you ever sought after something so desperately that you would do anything to find it? There are several stories in scripture that detail what happens when we do this.

 One is found in Jeremiah 29. Jeremiah had written a letter to the Exiles in Babylon. He declared the words the Lord had given him. “When you seek me with your whole heart, you’ll find me.” (v. 13) I’ve pondered what it means to seek the Lord. Commentaries explain that to seek the Lord means to look for his presence. They further expound that God was not hidden from the Exiles, nor is He hidden from us today. To be honest, it’s us who do the hiding and God who seeks after us. Once we decide to seek the Lord with our whole hearts, we will find him everywhere. We will begin to see Him not just in the big things, but the small things.

I have to admit when I noticed the Donald Duck handled spoon in my dish drainer, I smiled. It was a quiet reminder that even though my grandfather is living eternity with his Savior, he’s memory lives on in my heart.

There’s another story in scripture of a widow seeking with great tenacity her lost coin. (Luke 15:8-10) What a joy she felt when she found that coin.  Just imagine what joy it brings us when we seek Jesus with the same tenacity. 

Are you seeking Jesus with your whole heart?

Don’t know how? Start by calling out to God and reading his word. Does that still sound like a daunting task? Start with the Gospel of John. May His words penetrate your heart as you seek Him.



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