October 21, 2020

Grow with God...

It is no secret that I do not have a green thumb. When I graduated from high school, my English teacher gave me an orchid that was supposed to grow with me as I went to college. It died before my first semester.  Years later, Nick bought me an orchid and the blooms fell off not too much later. I took it to work and my boss, who had much knowledge with plants, got that orchid to bloom multiple flowers!

This past Mother’s Day, my daughter insisted that she and her father get flower seeds and pots for me. Now, who’s going to deny that precocious little girl flower seeds. She seems to love seeds! She always wants to buy packets of seeds at Lowe’s and Rural King when she sees them. She just can’t seem to resist the urge to plant seeds. Well, on Mother’s Day, they purchased flower seeds and brought them home and carefully put the seeds in the pots of good soil and watered them.

Every week she looked into those pots for flowers. Every week there’s more leaves from our oak tree sitting on them. Some stems grew early and got taller. But that’s all there was. Just last week though, at the end of a curly stem peeking through the leaves, dirt, and potting soil was a beautiful pink Zinnia flower!

You see, despite its conditions surrounding it, this flower grew with grace.

We as Christians must do the same. There will be rocky soil, there will be storms, but through the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ we too can grow! (2 Peter 3:17-18)

My daughter could have flung those seeds on the driveway to be carried away by the wind. She could have thrown them in the grass to be rooted for a moment and plucked by a bird. Rather, with the plan in mind to have beautiful blossoms, she put them in watered, fertilized soil and they persevered through the conditions.

Jesus knows what he is doing. He has planted you right where he wants you and, in HIS timing, you will grow and bloom.



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