March 3, 2021

Looking for the light...


Before my daughter was born almost five years ago, I remember walking the aisles of Target with my baby registry and gift cards. One of the several items I threw in my cart was an owl nightlight with a handle.  The handle on this nightlight was so she could carry it around when she was able. Every night without fail that light gets turned on. After it’s turned on, she asks her daddy to stay in the chair by her bed until she falls asleep. 

For years, porch lights have been turned on, so we can find our house in the darkness. Believe it or not there was a time when children would play outside until the streetlamps came on and they would go their separate ways to inside their homes. 

You see we’re always looking for the light. When we’re in a dark place in life, we look for the light at the end of the tunnel. We live in a dark and fallen world, but are we looking for the Light of the World? People choose to live in darkness. Look at teenagers who were once toddlers scared of the dark. Now they don’t ever turn on a light! 

One of the very first things God did when he created the world was separate the darkness with light.  He sent his Son to be a light in our dark world. Jesus came so that we could walk in His light. Jesus shines brighter than the darkness. Are we carrying His light around like my daughter carries her owl light in the darkness of my house at night? 




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